Monday, October 29, 2007

Cancer patient dead in SA

Cancer patient Mphatso Mhango, who government recently sent to South Africa for further treatment
died before undergo the operation in that country, a Family member has confirmed.

Mhango left the country for South Africa on October 21, 2007 and died two days later.

A family member Vilunjike Manda said Mhango passed when she was given blood at it was discovered
that she had no sufficient blood for the her to survive the operation.

“She died when she was waiting for the operation. Doctors said the tumor had gone dip into the
brain and she would need alot of blood if they would operate on her,” he said.

Manda said the problem was aggravated because of the delay removing the tumor.

Mhango waited for almost three months for government to locate a doctor in South Africa to operate
on her, after a Referral Committee had already recommended for her referral.

Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH), where the patient was admitted had to sent her home
because would not continue keeping her at the hospital when she was supposed to be in South

Mhango was referred to QECH from Mzuzu hospital, three months ago where doctors at QECH also
referred her to outside the country for further treatment, however two months down the line the
patient was still in the country.

Minister of Health Marjorie Ngaunje said every Malawian has got a right to treatment and
there was not special treatment for VIPs when it come to referring people to outside the country

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