Friday, December 14, 2007

Aford ponders alliance with DPP

Alliance for Democracy new administration ponders of establishing links with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Malawi News has established.

Aford Executive Committee is expected to meet in Lilongwe on Tuesday where among other things the party is going to discuss possible alliance with the ruling party.

Malawi News source within the party, however, said the suggestion is expected to cause stir among the party gurus as some people view the suggestion based on individual benefits not in the interest of the party.

“Some people believe the suggestion come in as some of the top officials of the party have just won government tenders to make some constructions in Lilongwe,” said the source.

He said there some members have agreed to oppose the proposal.

“It will be very easy to defeat the proposal because is it going to come from a district governor, those who are propagating the idea has selected one district governor to make the proposal and would be seconded a member of the executive committee.
“While it is not a bad idea, somehow people are suspicious with the canvassing that is going on,” he said.

Aford deputy Spokesperson Kingsley Jere, while confirming the meeting would be taking place on Tuesday in Lilongwe, said he was not aware of the intended proposal.

Jere said the party at the moment still stands by its resolutions at the convention when it nullified all alliances that it had.

“What the President Dindi Gowa Nyasulu said about alliances was that the party is rebuilding itself and it has to go alone. I am not aware of any alliance talks,” he said.

Jere said he does not know any connection between the companies that were awarded the contracts and the party since the companies would belong to individual not the party.

Soon after being ushered in the office, the new Aford Executive Committee terminated the alliances which the party had with UDF.

DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi said, while the party has not yet approached the party, the party has an open door policy and it can work with any party in the country.

“It is the wish of the State President to unify Malawians and no party in the world would refuse to work with another party,” he said.

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